Firstly, get the WIM file ready: CBaseOs_th2_release_10514.0.150808-1529_amd64fre_ServerDatacenterCore_en-us.wim

This can be downloaded from MSDN.

Open up my favorite PowerShell ISE, check current Container status:

As we can see, we got null value from the first two command due to we have nothing to run for Container, and following is the result for our Container HOST:

Let’s check all cmdlet for Container in Windows:

There are 2 similar commands relates to create a new Container Image:

By using Get-Help, we know that we should use Install-ContainerOSImage to Installs a base image from a WIM file into the shared central image store for the Windows Server and Hyper-V Containers feature.

So, we are running below:

Then we get following:

It looks good, isn’t it?

A snapshot will be taken after this, because next step will be bit mass, if you want to try different things, you may want to do the same as me. 🙂