I got an issue with vagrant running CentOS as testing environment:

“kitchen create” is a part of kitchen, which is triggering the vagrant to create a VM by using Virtualbox.

The VM was created successfully but we are not able to connect to it with SSH due to the error message:

I tested Ubuntu image, it’s working OK, only for CentOS got issue at the moment.

I’m sure that I remembered that it was working fine before, so I believe this is the issue from vagrant…

By checking the source code for vagrant, this changeset “4aaa600” shows that “chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys” is removed from def “self.remove_public_key”.

Manually adding this to:

Windows: C:\HashiCorp\vagrant\embedded\gems\gems\vagrant-1.8.5\plugins\guests\linux\cap\public_key.rb

Then check it again:


I’m not using OS X so I cannot tell, sorry.