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Enable Docker Remote API in Redhat 7 (CentOS 7)

Tried different ways to enable the Remote API, never get any luck on anything… But finally, here is what I did, that works!

Here is my docker content:

Add ‘-H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock’ in the ‘OPTIONS’:

Then restart your docker daemon by systemctl restart docker Test:

  Done~ This only enables…


Start playing Terraform … Get it downloaded & saved it to a local folder: C:\bin Put this path into local $PATH var by running:

Restart a command line, type in “terraform”:

Once you can see above, “Terraform” is correctly installed.   Due to I only have Azure account, so I’ll start playing with…

PowerShell – Linux Server File Injection via Hypervisor

Previous POST indicates that we are able to do one way copy files from HOST level to VM itself in Windows.   We are able to do the same thing in Linux too. đŸ™‚   I don’t have Ubuntu, so I didn’t got chance to test, but for Red Hat or CentOS: On Linux Guest VM:…

Windows Docker – Basic Networking

We got the Container, then we will need to used it for our application via Network. Creating network for our Container now: No matter what, we need to create a Virtual Switch on Container HOST

Create a NAT

Create a container with this Switch:

Start this Container and get Web-Server windows feature…

Windows Docker – Basic Performance

As we want to use Docker’s Container technology to help us fast deployment, but how fast it is? Let’s do a quick count here: Create a brand new Container Start up the Container Enter into its session Remove the Container Let’s see how it goes: Create a brand new Container, 2 seconds, not bad, how…