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Windows Docker – Basic Networking

We got the Container, then we will need to used it for our application via Network. Creating network for our Container now: No matter what, we need to create a Virtual Switch on Container HOST

Create a NAT

Create a container with this Switch:

Start this Container and get Web-Server windows feature…

Windows Docker – Basic Performance

As we want to use Docker’s Container technology to help us fast deployment, but how fast it is? Let’s do a quick count here: Create a brand new Container Start up the Container Enter into its session Remove the Container Let’s see how it goes: Create a brand new Container, 2 seconds, not bad, how…

Windows Docker – First Run a Container

We’ve installed the WIM for the Container base Image, then we can see it from:

Here, we will do following: Use “WindowsServerCore” base Image to create a Container Start the Container Enter into the Container Read some basic information Make changes on folder and files Mark around with Registry Windows feature install or removal…

Hostname = ComputerName? I am wrong!

Before Windows Server 2016, I was thinking that they are not the same is because of following: hostname is a exe wrapper from MS, it returns full computer name, even it’s more than 15 characters $env:computername is a var in PowerShell, it returns NetBIOSComputername which is limited in 15 characters But today, I’m so wrong…….

Windows Docker – OS Installation

As a MS fans, I’d like to try heaps things different. Docker, as the newest thing come out of the market for Windows, it’s a must try! Prepare OS’s ISO: can be downloaded from MSDN site WIM used for Docker OS base: can be downloaded from MSDN site   OK, Let’s get the system installed…